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Lessons from a Consentual Interogation

#1  Do not agree to meet at a bar. Although the interviewer may insist otherwise, alcohol may do more than simply "contribute to a more creative and compelling exchange of opinion".

#2  Do understand that all answers are final answers.

#3  Do not under any circumstances reveal a literary man crush, thereby turning any opportunity to meet the admired subject into a comical game of avoidance on par with sticking a soapy finger into a glass of floating pepper flakes (yeah, you know the joke).

photo by Kendall Conrad

My interview posted on the world wide web on September 22nd. 
If you're curious, you can read it here.


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NANO's Volume 6 Number 1 features my latest piece of flash fiction, "Grandparents Heart Babysitting". Huge thanks to the editors - certainly for the inclusion, but also, and perhaps more importantly, for their attention to detail, their push to get every word just right.

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Results will more than likely vary.

Artwork by Robert Howell


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