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The sale is over. But a good story never dies. Especially on the internet.

To those who purchased the 3:2 issue of Echo Ink Review, you should know that I have always appreciated your rapier wit, your singular sense of integrity, your strong chin. Always. For those who didn't purchased the aforementioned literary magazine but are curious enough to spend  two minutes to get to the bottom of this "Bric-a-brac" thing, here's your chance.

The editor of Echo Ink Review called it "Scandalous." What will you call it?
cover art by Robert Howell
Bric-a-Brac by Dan Lundin  She may be confused as one, but Audrey is not a kleptomaniac. While her urges are irresistible, the items she steals are never trivial and the theft is always obsessively well-planned out. She is not a thief either, not exactly. A better label would be theft addict, a criminal who steals not for profit but for social gain, one who rationalizes her illicit hobby with feeling of unfairness and entitlem…

LOS DESPERADOS are coming...

This is a tease.  This is only a tease.  The comic will be here soon, promise. And well worth the wait. Character Design: Tom Vadakan Script: yours truly